You Deserve a Break-up Today

New mix featuring Chris & Cosey, David Lynch, Eurythmics, and many more! Get it here.

“Vermilion Sands” Behind-the-Scenes

I’ve posted a short article on the design and animation of Busby’s hovercar in the “Vermilion Sands” video! Read it >

“Vermilion Sands” Music Video!

Almost a year in the making, the animated music video for “Vermilion Sands” is finally done! Cookie Caboose and Busby Bulldog are back for some retro-futuristic hijinx! Watch it here!

2012: Songs That Turned My Head

I’ve put together a mix of my favorite songs from last year! Listen here

“Vermilion Sands” Teaser #2

Dancing and romancing at Studio 2054!

The Thing on the Doorstep

An uninvited guest just plopped down on your stoop, ready to unsettle your October! It’s a creepy new mix featuring Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Horrid Red, Kate Bush, and tons more! Listen/downolad at

Krautrock Cruising on Mars

Check out a teaser clip from the forthcoming music video for “Vermilion Sands!”

Blog Love

“Vermilion Sands” featured on The Sound of Confusion and Sounds XP!

Vermilion Sands

Stream the new track here!

Midnight Cruising on Venus

Listen to the Excessive Moonlight mix.

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