New Album Art

Check out the cover art for the new album Wetware, arriving December 12, 2011!

New Album Coming

December 12th. Stay tuned…

‘New’ Lyrics

Finally found a use for a set of lyrics I wrote nearly a decade ago. I’m like fricken Leonard Cohen over here.

Fan Video

Check out this rootin’ tootin’ fan video for “Never too Late to Be Sorry”!!

“Talisman” Revised

I redid the vocals for “Talisman” – check out the results here:

“Talisman” on the front page of Matrixsynth!

“Talisman” is here!!!

I know I’ve been teasing you with this for a long time, but the full video for “Talisman” is finally here!!! Check it out!

Debut Screening of “Talisman!”

OK folks, here’s the deal – the total deal: the four fine fellows in The Qualia have graciously agreed to let Mister 1-2-3-4 ride their illustrious coattails and present the DEBUT SCREENING of the new video for “Talisman” at their next concert!

This will truly be an evening of endless delights: The Qualia will be getting their Shep Pettibone on and presenting “dance remix” versions of their already highly danceable songs (I suggest you all don your silver leotards and go-go boots for this). You also get to enjoy the edgy electro intensity of Kodacrome, the sultry and smoky sounds of Lunic, and the palpitating pop of Cuzin D – all for a measly 10 clams! It’s the best deal going in the New York metropolitan area!!

It all goes down at Piano’s (158 Ludlow Street) on Saturday, September 17, starting at 7:30pm.

BUT! If you are a poor unfortunate who does not reside in the New York metropolitan area, all is not lost!! The “Talisman” video will be so gallantly streaming on YouTube on the following day. Everyone wins!

Looove that Talisman!

I’ve posted another teaser clip for the forthcoming “Talisman” video!

New Video Teaser!

I’ve posted a short preview clip for my forthcoming music video, “Talisman”! Check it out on YouTube

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